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Online International Conference


Opportunities and Challenges in Techno-Management for    Socio-Economic Development

(11th-13th November , 2022)

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Introduction and about the Conference -

Science and Technology plays a vital role in socio-economic development of a nation. Rapid advances in technology have led to significant improvement in all sectors of the economy. With the emergence of latest technologies, there has been a drastic shift in the way we think, work and collaborate with others. Moreover, access to novel technologies has completely transformed the nature/management of work. The entire world has become a global village. On the one hand it has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of organisations, on the other hand it has resulted in increased complexity, uncertainty and competition in the internal and external environment of the organizations. To manage this turbulence in the environment, firms have to make judicious adoption and diffusion of technologies, which may lead to enhancement of productivity, improvement in living conditions and economic growth of the country. More specifically, firms need to strategize their technological capability and competence so that innovative products and services may be produced, thereby leading to inclusive and sustainable development of the nation.

            Against this backdrop, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (DHSS), Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad (MNNITA) is organizing an Online International Conference on “Challenges and Opportunities in Techno-management for Socio-economic Development” to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the institute. The conference will provide a platform to leading experts in the area of technology, management and social sciences to deliberate upon current challenges and opportunities in the techno-management area and come out with innovative strategies, policies and recommendations for optimum utilization of latest technologies for inclusive growth and sustainable development of the economy.

Sub Themes of the Conference -
Artificial Intelligence
HR Technologies
Big Data Analytics
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) & Converged Accounting Standards
Block-Chain Based financial modeling
New avenues in welfare economics
Business Analytics
Organic Farming and Food Security
Cyber technology & Technology for Rural development
Progressive Tax Structure System and Enhancing
Energy Management
Secured Digital Payment
GST mechanisms
Techno-Management and Public Policy
Gig Economy
Technology Support in Healthcare services
HR Analytics
Virtual Education
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